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The Birth of a New Series aka The Birth of the Roman Brothers; Mark of the Vampire

The lovely Laura Wright gives us an insight into her Mark of the Vampire series . . . I had actually intended for the first book in the Mark of the Vampire series, Eternal Hunger to be a category novel, and even pitched it to my wonderful editor at Harlequin with hopes we could do a […]

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An Interview with Three Vampires: Laura Wright meets the Roman Brothers

Laura Wright and the three Roman Brothers from her Mark of the Vampire series talk blood, biting – and Bridget Jones . . . When I told the boys that we were doing this interview for the ladies and gents in the UK, they were pretty insistent about actually conducting the interview in the UK. So, […]

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Eloisa James on the importance of first lines

  Back in 1999, when I first heard that a manuscript of mine was going to be published, my main response was kind of a dazed wonder. I was absolutely dying to know what the editor liked about it. My scintillating prose? My devastating dialogue? The fact that my hero and heroine cleverly make love […]

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Sarah MacLean answers Eleven Essential Questions on Romance

To celebrate the launch of Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart in the US, I hosted a collection of fabulous authors over on my blog to answer Eleven Questions on romance. Now to celebrate the launch of my Love By Numbers series in the UK – and for a bit of fun – […]

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Eloisa James on eBooks and the importance of always having something to read

I love eBooks because they speak directly to one of my most primal fears:  that I’ll find myself somewhere—a plane, a broken elevator, a long line—without something to read.  Look around any subway car in New York City and you’ll see people pecking away maniacally on their phones like starving sparrows.  But I like to […]

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Nine Rules for Reading Romance from Sarah MacLean

Long before I was a romance writer, I was a romance reader. And once you’ve started reading romance, you’re hooked. You always have a romance novel with you (thank heavens for eReaders, because now you always have hundreds of romance novels with you), and anytime something crazy happens in your world, you think, ‘How would […]

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Laura Wright’s Top Ten Reasons to Love eBooks

1. Reaching my readers EVERYWHERE! This has to be the number one reason, yes? We are so connected now – I love it. 2. Convenience, on the go. No shipping,  and no drive to the store! I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend that extra time reading . . . 3. […]

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A welcome to Piatkus Entice from Donna Condon, Editor

As senior fiction editor on the Piatkus list, I look after our genre fiction, and am immersed on a daily basis in the lush and dramatic tales of Regency heroes and vampiric hunks…a tough job, but hey, I’m not going to complain! I’m always massively impressed by how forward-thinking romance readers are when it comes […]

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