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Searching for Sex? Emma Allan introduces her new erotica titles on Entice

In the last twenty years there has been a real explosion of sexual consciousness in Britain. The blossoming of erotic literature, the profusion of sex shops on the high street and the internet, the development of high tech dildoes of every shape and material, the fact that themes of bondage, domination, sadism and masochism are very frequently seen in every aspect of modern mainstream entertainment are all examples of this phenomenon. Women in particular are actively engaged in exploring their own sexuality. This may be as simple as discovering the joys of the modern generation of sex toy but it may go much deeper.

What I try to do in my books is to chart this journey. What fascinates me as a writer is working my way under the skin of a character and explaining how and why they come to indulge in the wilder shores of sexual experience.

Like any other learning experience there can be difficulties as well as successes along the way but ultimately the end is always the same: to find a level of sexual experience that is satisfying and exciting and what is really interesting is the different ways this can be achieved. In my books you’ll find women experimenting with a dildo for the first time or trying on provocative lingerie but you will also find them engaging in threesomes with two men or with another woman and a man (TWO WOMEN) or even becoming a full-blown dominatrix (THE DISCIPLINARIAN). All these experiences will carry them closer to the ultimate satisfaction of escaping the taboos that they had been bought up with and becoming master of their own sexuality.

I was once asked in an interview if my writing was based on personal experience and I had to tell the truth, didn’t I? The truth is: partially. I like to think I’ve dabbled in most things and that this gives my writing an edge. It also gives my life an edge. My advice if you want to keep your sex life fresh and vibrant – and who doesn’t want that? – is that it’s time to let your fantasies out of the closet. I’ve always hoped that my books might enflame and embolden and most of all enable my readers to enjoy a more varied and therefore more satisfying sex life.

So keep reading…