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Erotica: The ultimate taboo?

Entice Editor Donna Condon takes a look at the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and the rise of erotica in our everyday lives . . .

It’s incredibly interesting to see how the Fifty Shades trilogy has thrust erotica into the mainstream, and how it’s breaking down the taboos that have surrounded this kind of fiction for years.

While many existing erotica readers view the trilogy as more romance than erotica, as the primary focus is on the emotional relationship between the two main characters, it’s certainly seems to be removing the barriers that seem to have existed for this genre and encouraging women (and men) to be more empowered about their reading material.

There is a lot of debate raging about the fact that the trilogy’s male-dominance theme reflects women’s position in society today: women, who now have the independence we have always craved, are having inverted fantasies about submission….that we, instead of wanting more power, crave less. Some agree; others strongly disagree, claiming the trilogy’s put feminism back fifty years – but one thing is for sure: it’s certainly got people talking.

Most feel that those readers who’ve had their first taste of erotica will now go forth and explore the genre, discovering as they do so the type of erotica that appeals to them personally. Erotica has become acceptable (or at least more acceptable than it was previously), and that’s a good thing. Why should literature that explores themes of a sexual nature be taboo, especially in the twenty-first century, just because it’s commercial as opposed to literary fiction?

Of course it’s not a coincidence that the explosion of erotica has happened at the same time as the boom in ebooks; for the first time, readers are able to read what they want, when they want, and not be judged by others. One thing seems certain: erotica is in the mainstream now and looks set to stay.

It would be great to hear our readers’ opinions on the subject. Are you new to erotica, or have you been reading it for years? What are the themes you look for, or are you a reader who likes to read across the board?

Let us know your thoughts!

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