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The Darkly Passionate Reign Series Starts Today: Note to UK readers

Today we release Yours Tonight, a darkly passionate love story from #1 bestselling author of Break Me Slowly Joya Ryan. This is the first in Joya’s sensational new Reign series. If you’d like to know more, read on.

Hello readers!

With spring right around the corner, I find myself anxious for change. The need to revamp life with a little excitement is definitely consuming my thoughts. Something happens to my brain when a little bit of sunshine hits it. While I spend a lot of my time in imaginary land, thinking up new characters and stories, spring is my favourite because those thoughts turn more creative. I find myself asking…why not?

In the case of the Reign series, there are two men dominating the pages. Their objective is clear: Lana. She is the woman they both want. Problem is, while both men are equally sexy in their alpha awesomeness, they are wildly different. Both in looks and personality. So how can a girl choose? Because she can’t possibly have both men…

This is a moment I find myself asking…why not?

Sure, reality always comes full circle and while the idea of taking the best of both worlds — aka two smokin’ hot guys — is appealing, it can’t possibly last, right? But what about in the meantime? What if she had time to think about what she really wanted? A chance to see what each man brings to the table before having to decide? Unfortunately, this is out of Lana’s hands. Because she does get a chance to be with one the men of her dreams, and she falls hard for him. Only things don’t quite run smoothly, and not everything is what it seems. When the truth comes out, Lana is faced with a brutal choice and a heart that is split in two.

So the “why not” question turns into “how?”.

How can she choose between a man that has her heart and a man that has her soul? How can she move on from the twist of fate that brought her to two men that are everything she’s ever wanted and needed? How can she survive without them?

Following Lana on this journey has been exciting and, honestly, really tricky. What happens when you love, want and need two different men for two different reasons? Surely there has to be a way?

Why not!?

Thank you for reading and for all your support!


Yours Tonight

He will give her everything she’s ever wanted . . .

Jack Powell’s confidence is matched only by his intensity. The darkness in him comes from years of secrets and memories he’d rather forget. Lana has an exotic innocence that draws him in and Jack wants a taste of her. She’s a light in the darkness of his world — and she needs help, which he agrees to give her.

The only rule? He makes the rules.

Lana gives up her control, letting Jack take her body however he needs, while she works her way into his heart. But Jack’s past catches up to them and Lana finds herself wrapped up in a scheme that will expose every secret she’s worked so hard to keep. She clung to Jack once when her world was crashing down, but this time, she loves him. She’ll continue to reach for him — her only fear is if he’ll reach back, or go on his way, taking her soul with him . . .

Yours Tonight is available now in ebook from all good retailers.


National and international bestselling author Joya Ryan is the author of the Shattered series, which includes Break Me Slowly, Possess Me Slowly, and Capture Me Slowly. She has also written the Sweet Torment series, which includes Breathe You In and Only You. Passionate about both cooking and dancing (despite not being too skilled at the latter), she loves spending time at home. Along with her husband and her two sons, she resides in California.