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Ask Becks Anything – the hero of K. Bromberg’s Slow Burn answers your questions

As promised, the smoking-hot Becks has been busy answering all your questions, with a little help from K. Bromberg, author of Slow Burn.

Take it away, Becks . . .

Q: What is your favourite thing to do when you aren’t with Haddie or hanging out with Colton?

A: I’ll call Walker to come over to watch the game and have a beer . . . or I’ll head out to the farmhouse for some R&R.

Q: What fascinates you the most about Haddie? What is the future for the two of you?

A: Damn . . . look at her. I mean she hooks you in with her looks and then reels you in with her sassy mouth and fiery temper. She’s a contradiction of so many things that I never know who I’m going to get from day to day. Our future? Hmm, I like my Macallan too much to give it up, so I’d say for a long damn time.

Q: Can I be your UK Girlfriend/No 1 Fan?

A: Yes, but shhh, Haddie has a mean left hook.

Q: Where in the UK would you love to visit? Obviously my house but where else? Oh and if you do come over make sure you bring Kristy with you!

A: In the UK I’d love to visit everywhere. I’ve never been there so I think once I got the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road I’d rent a car and take a long drive. Well, after I visit your house of course. I’m sure I could convince Kristy to head out there as well. I know she really wants to come with her ‘UK Lovelies’ as she calls them.

Q: Becks, just wondering how alike are you to the hero of Driven? If not how different are you from him? What sets you apart from him?

A: How am I like Colton? That fucker wishes he was like me. Ha! I think Wood and me are opposites in so many ways but so alike in others. While he’s all about speed, I like to take my time . . . slow and steady. We both like to fight for what’s ours though. As he says, that’s non-negotiable. We both finally agree that voodoo is the real deal. Scary shit but oh-so-good once you accept the magic.

Q: Becks, did you like Haddie from the first time you saw her??!! I always thought you guys would be a great couple! Can’t wait to read Slow Burn! 🙂

A: How could you not? On that plane ride to Vegas she owned my attention . . . but she’s my best friend’s girl’s best friend. Say that ten times. Ha. So I had her in a no-go zone but well . . . some things are just too damn good to not fight hard for. When you read Slow Burn you can decide for yourself if you think we are great or not . . . because damn that woman is stubborn!

Q: Have you ever had any interest in being a race car driver, or is it the mechanics part you love?

A: For about two seconds…but no, the calculations and the precision is what excites me. Running the well-oiled machine is my thing. Knowing that when Colton crosses the finish line it’s from all of the crew’s hard work behind the scenes? That’s fucking cool.

Q: What was your first thought the very first time you saw Haddie?

A: Damn. Just damn. Need I explain it further?

Q: What was the first thing that attracted you to Haddie?

A: Those sexy legs, those lips, that smile, and then her laugh. Can’t not like a woman who draws you in with her laugh.

Q: Is there anything you wanted to say in your story that Kristy refused?

A: I think that there are times that readers will think Haddie is being a martyr . . . that she needs to suck it up and let me in . . . but I don’t think people get what it was like to be in her shoes. High heels can be sexy as fuck but you can also stumble real easily in them, if you catch my drift. I wish Kristy would have left in some scenes where I defended Had . . . no one likes their woman criticized but she wouldn’t allow it because it was Haddie’s journey to take and not mine to defend. Besides, Haddie would want to kick my ass for defending her . . . she’s independent that way.

Q: How did you get your middle name? 😉

A: From a family friend. She was good friends with my Mom and so she used her maiden name as a nod to her.

Q: When did you know I was your one and only?

A: Ahh of course you are. It was love at first internet sight, right? Lol. You and Haddie and so many others. I’ve got enough love in this big country heart of mine for all of you!

Q: Do you think we can talk Kristy into a second book about you? Because I promise it’s needed and wanted.

A: You’ll have to ask her about that one. I think Slow Burn tells a complete story but you never know what that woman will pull out of her mind.

Q: Becks and Colton have been friends a very long time. What is it that connected them so closely?

A: Sarcasm. And honesty. Those are two very important things in our friendship.

Phew, after all that we need a lie down. Want more Becks? Then download your copy of Slow Burn today!