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Eloisa James on the importance of first lines

  Back in 1999, when I first heard that a manuscript of mine was going to be published, my main response was kind of a dazed wonder. I was absolutely dying to know what the […]

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Sarah MacLean answers Eleven Essential Questions on Romance

To celebrate the launch of Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart in the US, I hosted a collection of fabulous authors over on my blog to answer Eleven Questions on romance. Now to […]

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Eloisa James on eBooks and the importance of always having something to read

I love eBooks because they speak directly to one of my most primal fears:  that I’ll find myself somewhere—a plane, a broken elevator, a long line—without something to read.  Look around any subway car in […]

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Nine Rules for Reading Romance from Sarah MacLean

Long before I was a romance writer, I was a romance reader. And once you’ve started reading romance, you’re hooked. You always have a romance novel with you (thank heavens for eReaders, because now you […]

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Laura Wright’s Top Ten Reasons to Love eBooks

1. Reaching my readers EVERYWHERE! This has to be the number one reason, yes? We are so connected now – I love it. 2. Convenience, on the go. No shipping,  and no drive to the […]

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A welcome to Piatkus Entice from Donna Condon, Editor

As senior fiction editor on the Piatkus list, I look after our genre fiction, and am immersed on a daily basis in the lush and dramatic tales of Regency heroes and vampiric hunks…a tough job, […]

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