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Laura Wright’s Top Ten Reasons to Love eBooks

1. Reaching my readers EVERYWHERE! This has to be the number one reason, yes? We are so connected now – I love it.

2. Convenience, on the go. No shipping,  and no drive to the store! I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend that extra time reading . . .

3. I’m saving a few trees. ’Nuff said.

4. Sharing books with friends and family. It’s so easy too – no sending the book by mail or making someone wait for a week until they can run over to my house. Love it!

5. eBooks are a massive space saver! If you’re anything like me then your house is a small library. While I do still adore my physical books, I’m running out of room. It’s so nice to save some space.

6. Instant gratification, baby! You get what I’m trying to say? Downloading the book I want in one second is just too fabulous. And when I finish one, I can jump right into the next one without having to wait for the post or a trip to the bookstore. (Actually I may want to move this one up to #1.)

7. I can sample it first: 3 whole chapters to know if I like it. This feature saves me so much grief. I don’t have time to stand in the bookstore and read the first few chaps to know I like it. Just love this feature – what a convenience!

8. All those books I can’t get in print. Another wonderful feature. There are some books I can’t find anymore in paperback but most are available in ebook form.

9. I love seeing what other readers have highlighted. Favorite quotes, things like that. I feel like I’m part of a bigger reading experience. Ooo . . . and I can search for words, and mark up pages and not feel like I’m desecrating the book in the process.

10. Love the page turning, quick chapter-to-chapter feature. I know we’re in a faster, and quicker world, but with ebooks – the faster actually allows me more time to slow down and enjoy my newest favourite read.

Enough about me, what about you? What do you love about ebooks?

Eternal Blood, a novella by Laura Wright, is available from Piatkus Entice now.