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An introduction to the Dark Desires series – Zara Cox


Q: What’s the single most important thing we need to know about the series?

A: There are heroes, and then there are the anti-heroes who power the Dark Desires series. These men, their stories and the women they fall for, are unlike anything you’ve read before. They will leave you stunned, turned on, drive you out of your mind and have you begging for more!

Q: In five sentences or less tell us what the series is about. Go:

A: The Dark Desires series centres on complex characters with complex and often self-destructive lives resulting from traumatic pasts. The male characters especially have deeply disturbing personal and often morally bankrupt issues and go through a roller coaster journey of self-discovery that leads them right to the edge of their endurance. They aren’t afraid to reach for the nearest high—be it sex, a game of twisted revenge, a little blue pill, or (when all else fails) a bout of head shrinking. Of course, being a romance at its core, the women these men get involved with are the only ones who come within a prayer of offering true redemption, while grappling with issues of their own. But from start to finish, their psychosexual journeys offer a thrilling, insanely addictive ride!

Q: Who’s your favourite character?

A: Quinn Blackwood aka “Q”, my gorgeous anti-hero. He’s beautifully, insanely complex, unapologetically dominant and embraces his self-destructive side wholeheartedly.

Q: Give us a hint about what’s coming next!

A: BLACK SHEEP tells the story of Axel Rutherford, another gorgeous anti-hero with a past littered with underground crime, a father who wishes him dead, blackmail and a childhood sweetheart turned vilest enemy. Oh, and he’s the owner of exclusive member’s only club called THE PUNISHMENT CLUB. To find out what happens there, make a note in your diary for BLACK SHEEP!

If you like SYLVIA DAY’S THE CROSSFIRE SERIES you’ll love Porn Star. You may think you know QUINN BLACKWOOD. Trust me, you don’t.