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What’s Next for Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane?

As some of you may know, Elizabeth Hoyt has agreed to continue her Maiden Lane series! We’re terribly excited, but it begs the question: where is the series going next?

Thankfully, Elizabeth has agreed to answer that question:

Late next month my ninth Maiden Lane novel, Sweetest Scoundrel will hit stores. Asa Makepeace is an eagerly awaited hero, if my reader mail is anything to go by. He’s self-made, big, bold and brash. Our heroine, Eve Dinwoody, in contrast, is the bastard daughter of a duke and a retiring sort of lady. She’s dragged rather unwillingly out of the comforts of her quiet house by her brother who has left her in charge of the finances of Asa’s pleasure garden.


Is Asa pleased by this turn of events? You can bet your brass buttons he isn’t. But while Eve might be retiring she isn’t about to let Asa just walk all over her — even if he’s about the sexiest man she’s ever seen. For his part, Asa isn’t used to a woman who isn’t intimidated by him or his temper, who actually argues back and who sees him as a man — not just as a business. This is a true clash of personalities and I hope you enjoy reading Sweetest Scoundrel!


And after Sweetest Scoundrel? I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been contracted for another three Maiden Lane novels, starting with Duke of Sin, the Duke of Montgomery’s book is coming in late spring 2016. Montgomery made quite an impression upon readers in Darling Beast: he’s mercurial, vain, and amoral. In the past he’s done some pretty terrible things, and on Goodreads and my Facebook page many are wondering if I can redeem him. I certainly hope so . . . but it may be a journey. 😉 His heroine is Bridget Crumb, the bastard daughter of an aristocrat and Montgomery’s housekeeper.


After Duke of Sin comes Duke of Pleasure with a new hero, Hugh Fitzroy, the Duke of Kilshaw, but a long-awaited heroine, Alf, the girl — actually a woman — dressed as an urchin boy in previous Maiden Lane books. Finally, I’ll be ending Maiden Lane with Duke of Desire.


If you haven’t already, do go ahead and check out some of the places I lurk online. I make idea books for each of my books on Pinterest, and I discuss and sometimes hold Name that Dog Character Contests on Facebook. You can read excerpts of upcoming books on my website, as well as read bonus content such as the extra epilogue to Dearest Rogue I recently wrote. And on Twitter I’m mostly just silly.


Happy Reading!



Elizabeth Hoyt


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