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Erin Knightley joins Entice!

We are thrilled to officially announce that historical romance author Erin Knightley is joining Piatkus with her Prelude to a Kiss series! We’re over the moon to be publishing her books in the UK and cannot wait for the first book, The Baron Next Door, to be released in ebook June 3rd 2014 on Entice and in paperback for Piatkus September 30th 2014.

Keep reading below for a special introduction to this new series from Erin herself!




Three months, three talented musicians and three handsome noblemen make for one unforgettable summer!

The Prelude to a Kiss series follows a trio of unique female musicians who get much more than they bargained for when they attend a summer music festival in Bath.  Over the course of three months, their lives change dramatically as they find friendship, work through adversity, and – best of all – fall in love.

The first in the series, The Baron Next Door, features Charity Effington, a pianoforte prodigy with a penchant for composing. After enduring the scandal of a broken betrothal, Charity is relieved to spend the summer surrounded by the thing she loves most in life: music. Unfortunately, her new neighbour does not share her enthusiasm. Hugh Danby, Baron Cadgwith came to Bath in search of healing, but so far the only things he’s found are crowds, noise, and one very annoying neighbour. Charity clashes with Hugh again and again, but it’s only when she glimpses the reasons behind his brusqueness that she realizes there is more to the baron next door than she ever imagined.

In The Earl I Adore, Sophie Wembley has harboured a tendre for John Fairfax, Earl of Evansleigh since the moment she laid eyes on him during her first season. Despite being the most loquacious of the musical trio, she can hardly bring herself to say a word in the earl’s presence . . . until she learns of her sister’s elopement. With the clock ticking before the scandal breaks, Sophie has two weeks to turn the tables and somehow make the enigmatic earl she adores fall for her.

The last book in the series, The Duke Can Go to the Devil, pits the opinionated, well-travelled daughter of an East India Company sea captain against the formidable, set-in-his-ways Duke of Radcliffe. Mei-li Bradford may look the perfect English rose, but May’s upbringing gave her a love of all things exotic. After May’s mother’s death, her father sends her to live with her aunt in cold, rainy England. She wants nothing more than to return to the home she’s always known, but until her father returns, she’s forced to make the most of her new circumstances. When she meets the duke, he is by far the most arrogant, close-minded man she’s ever encountered, and she’s not afraid to tell him so. But both tempers and passions run high, and soon May is fighting something she never expected: her own desire for the one man who could ruin her plans to return to the life she’s always loved.