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Quiver, Tremble & Yearn: Three erotic short story collections

Quiver, Tremble and Yearn, three unmissable collections of erotic short stories from Tobsha Learner, are available in ebook on Entice today!

Quiver is a collection of FORDBIDDEN LOVES:
When lust drives you into situations you thought you’d never find yourself in….from a married architect who finds herself in bondage sessions with her dentist husband to a house haunted by a sexy ghost…This collection is a raunchy homage to erotic encounters you will never regret, or forget.


Tremble is a collection of MAGICAL LOVES:
Dangerous, haunting, deeply erotic and disturbing, this collection is full of mystical and magical sex; from a virgin nun who experiences a miraculous pregnancy to an oil worker who has an erotic encounter with a mermaid. Sacred sex was never more implicit.

Yearn is a collection of IMPOSSIBLE LOVES:
We all lust for the impossible  – the film star we want to seduce, that first love we never actually got around to sleeping with, to be wanted by a younger man….from an impoverished student whose sexual fantasies become real to an aristocratic art collector whose erotic sculpture transforms her sex life, these stories arouse and linger…

Whether you’re a fan of Fifty Shades, avoid erotica altogether or fancy dipping a toe in the water, Tobsha’s unique brand of erotic fiction is well worth a read. With three incredible collections to choose from, the only big decision to make is where to start . . .