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Thea Harrison: Why I Love Ebooks

Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison is out now. To celebrate publication, Thea tells us what it is exactly that she loves about Ebooks . . .

I feel that one of the most miraculous things technology has given the avid reader in recent years is the ebook.

Ebooks offered for sale on the internet allows for readers to explore their excitement by purchasing quickly their favorite authors and allowing for them to easily explore new reading material. It brings unprecedented accessibility to those who may be housebound or who live in remote locations, and it has projected authors and their writing into an international arena like never before.

Another wonderful aspect to the ebook is its versatility. You can read book on your iPhone, e-reader, tablet or your PC. You can take hundreds of books with you in one small device when you go on vacation – no more dithering over how many books will fit into your suitcase, because they all will!

Reading has never been so accessible, and that is an intoxicating thing to a writer like myself who loves both reading and writing.