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The joy of a delightful saga!

Christmas might not be here yet, but Piatkus Entice are delighted to announce that they will be publishing a gorgeous festive novella by Jessica Blair, Whispers in the Snow, on the 4th of December. In the meantime, the Piatkus Entice editors couldn’t help but share their love for sagas with us all – and what these sweeping, heartfelt and memorable reads mean to them!





Grace says:

Just like my weekly fix of Downton Abbey or reading my treasured Jane Austen, UK saga books allow me to escape my present and explore the past. It’s remarkable to look into the normal lives of all classes and all ages and find what points I can relate to – surprisingly many! The strength of women is one theme I particularly enjoy and the perseverance of love – of course!

Anna says:

I remember, at about ten years old, discovering my grandmother’s collections of Victoria Holt  and Danielle Steele. Two harems, a struggling country lass and a Russian princess later I was absolutely hooked, a complete convert to the sweeping, gloriously epic, multi-generational story. I love staying with characters and seeing how they change over the years, love the different parts of the world they cover and the reassuring moral certainties – you know that the baddies will reveal themselves and eventually meet their just deserts in a satisfyingly horrible way! Finally, I also love their sheer weight – there’s something very soothing about a book with a bit of heft to it, promising happy hours of complete absorption in an altogether more dramatic world! I’m delighted to see them coming back and am definitely looking out for the next big saga author – we’re doing very well with Jessica Blair and Ken McCoy and it’s a genre I’d love for Piatkus to publish more of. If you’d like to discover some new, brilliant sagas visit our Entice Saga selection here.

Caroline says:

I absolutely love the saga genre and I’ve been a longstanding reader and fan of authors Annie Murray and Margaret Dickinson. There’s a wonderful sense of comfort in reading this genre, and I can find myself getting completely lost in the characters’ worlds for hours at a time! It’s addictive, page-turning reading! Just out on Piatkus Entice is Margaret Sunley’s Fields in the Sun and this compelling family saga, set in the nineteenth-century Yorkshire Dales, is a superb read.


Fields in the Sun is available from Piatkus Entice now!