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My Writing Day: Vi Keeland

This isnt a love story. This is obsession.

I’m an early riser, up by 4:30AM and working by 5AM.  I start my day downstairs on the living room couch, doing admin work while petting my demanding Aussie-Doodle, Frankie.  Here’s a picture of my princess.

At 8AM, I head upstairs to my office with my second cup of coffee to write. I usually start by re-reading what I wrote the day before on my iPad, while sitting on my couch.  I find that I catch my errors better by using a different device and not sitting at my desk.

After, I get to work writing at my desk. Thankfully, it’s seven-feet long so I have lots of room for my piles of yellow legal pads filled with random story ideas and endless to-do lists.  A lot of authors listen to music while writing, but I’m too easily distracted and need complete silence.  Sometimes when the kids are home and the house is too loud, I even have to pop in earplugs.

I’m usually writing two books at a time, so I spend the morning writing one book and the afternoon writing the other.  If I have the cover photo of the book I’m working on, I keep it displayed at my desk for inspiration.  I generally work straight through the day and don’t call it quits until 5:30. 

It takes me about three months to write a first draft of a book, and I usually try to take a month between finishing my last book and starting my next one. But I’m not off during that month, I’m editing and getting geared up for release.   I definitely work more hours as a writer than I ever did as an attorney, but I wouldn’t go back for all the money in the world.

My husband built me this book nook in my office, which I love!  (The possessed doll at the bottom right corner is from Penelope Ward, whom I often cowrite with.  We send each other such thoughtful gifts.)

The Unravelling is out on 9th July. Order your copy here.