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Young Jane Young

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780349146379

Price: £9.99

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‘This sly, exhilarating novel takes on slut-shaming . . . and manages to be hilarious in the process’ People

‘It’s brilliant and hilarious . . . It has a heart. And a spine. It’s exactly what we need more of right now.’ Chicago Tribune

‘A smart, intersectional feminist tour de force’ Washington Times

This is the story of five women . . .

Meet Rachel Grossman.
She’ll stop at nothing to protect her daughter, Aviva, even if it ends up costing her everything.

Meet Jane Young.
She’s disrupting a quiet life with her daughter, Ruby, to seek political office for the first time.

Meet Ruby Young.
She thinks her mom has a secret. She’s right.

Meet Embeth Levin.
She has made a career of cleaning up her congressman husband’s messes.

Meet Aviva Grossman.
The Internet won’t let her or anyone else forget her past transgressions.

This is the story of five women…and the scandal that binds them together.

From Gabrielle Zevin, the bestselling author of Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, comes another story with unforgettable characters that is particularly suited to the times we live in now.

What's Inside

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This sly, exhilarating novel takes on slut-shaming . . . and manages to be hilarious in the process
People, Book of the Week
This book will not only thoroughly entertain everyone who reads it; it is the most immaculate takedown of slut-shaming in literature or anywhere else. Cheers, and gratitude, to the author
Kirkus starred review
This clever, thoughtful, witty novel follows what happens after twentysomething Washington intern Aviva falls for the flaky charms of congressman Aaron...The tale is told, brilliantly, in many voices, including Aviva's sharp Jewish mother and the congressman's unexpectedly funny wife. Significantly, there are no male narrators. This is a woman's story
Wendy Holden, Daily Mail
Presenting a sharp send-up of our culture's obsession with scandal and blame, this novel pulls at the seams of misogyny from all angles . . . Likely to be a popular book club pick
Library Journal
Witty and insightful with a crowd of strong female voices, this is a brilliant read
Emerald St
It's brilliant and hilarious, and it makes you wince in recognition - for the double-standard that relegates scandalized women to a life of shame even as their married lovers continue with their careers (and often their marriages), for the insatiable appetite we have for every last detail, for the ease and speed with which we stop seeing people as multilayered humans...The five main characters are among my favorite of any recent novel I've read
Chicago Tribune
A smart, intersectional feminist tour de force
Washington Times
Aviva Grossman was far and away the most capable intern working in the Florida district office of her local congressman - until their affair was exposed and the subsequent national scandal destroyed her reputation (though, tellingly, not the congressman's) and doused her political aspirations...A satisfying and entertaining story of reinvention and second chances in the wake of a political sex scandal
Publishers Weekly
Maybe with enough determination and love and support, women can choose their own adventures. They can start, like Aviva, by choosing not to be ashamed. In this life-affirming novel, Zevin doesn't make that look easy, but she makes it look possible
Ron Charles, Washington Post
Whip-smart and full of great female characters, fans of Maria Semple will adore Young Jane Young
Sarra Manning, Red
If you're going to have an affair with a married congressman, don't blog about it. That's one of the tough lessons young Aviva Grossman learns in this splendid novel...A witty, strongly drawn group of female voices tells Aviva's story, three generations exploring the ripple effect her actions created...Zevin perfectly captures the realities of the current political climate and the consequences of youthful indiscretions in an era when the Internet never forgets
The pretty lies on which Young Jane Young turn are some of the oldest told by men. They don't love their wives, they'll divorce when the timing's right, ad nauseum....Young Jane Young is a witty and wise story of three generations of women; in particular, Rachel and Ruby are often laugh-out-loud funny, while Jane/Aviva and Embeth have a wryer take on their circumstances. Strong and brave, transformed by scandal, they make their way in an often hostile world. In a dream, Jane asks Aviva how she survived. Aviva replies, "I refused to be shamed"
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