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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780349439785

Price: £18.99

ON SALE: 21st May 2024

Genre: Economics, Finance, Business & Management

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A groundbreaking book about how to harness the power of collaboration and work most effectively in groups – coauthored by Getting Things Done‘s David Allen

When Getting Things Done was published in 2001, it was a game-changer. By revealing the principles of healthy high performance at an individual level, it transformed the experience of work and leisure for millions. Twenty years later, it has become clear that the best way to build on that success is at the team level, and one of the most frequently asked questions by dedicated GTD users is how to get an entire team onboard.

By building on the effectiveness of what GTD does for individuals, Team will offer a better way of working in an organisation, while simultaneously nourishing a culture that allows individuals’ skills to flourish. Using case studies from some of the world’s most successful companies, Team shows how the principles of team productivity improve communication, enable effective execution and reduce stress on team members. These principles are increasingly important in the post-pandemic workplace, where the very nature of how people work together has changed so dramatically.

Team is the most significant addition to the GTD canon since the original, and in offering a roadmap for building a culture of sustainable high performance, will be welcomed by readers working in any sized group or organisation.


Essential for any organisation looking to harness the collective power of their people. With decades of experience distilled into each chapter, the authors offer not just theories, but a pragmatic blueprint that transforms teams into efficient, cohesive units capable of mastering the complexities of the digital age. Team is an indispensable resource for leaders and team members alike, aiming to create a culture of high performance and seamless workflow
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, bestselling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There
This book is a manual for creating a culture of alignment. It's the why, what and how for getting your team where they want to go while staying energised. If you are a GTD aficionado for yourself, you are going to love the ending for your team
Dean Hering, Faculty, Master of Engineering Management Program, Duke University
At long last, this book offers the final missing piece of a complete GTD practice: how to . . . apply GTD's perennial wisdom to optimize team-level clarity and productivity
Brian J. Robertson, Founder of Holacracy
Ed Lamont and David Allen have captured the best practices for working with people to produce the best possible results. Team is a no-nonsense manual for doing just that, no matter what your goal is or who you're working with to achieve it. If you're invested in making good things happen, and need others to assist, this is a must-read
Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global
Getting Things Done changed my life. Now David Allen and Edward Lamont have applied the brilliance of GTD to the challenge of collaboration in a book that will change even more lives. Team delivers the fresh perspective and practical actions that can transform group work into a platform for genius
Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive, When, and The Power of Regret
The world needs this book . . . This is not a book to read once, and extract a few ideas. Team is a guidebook, outlining the step-by-step process to team effectiveness. My advice is that you keep this book on your desk. Use it and re-use it, until Team structures your day-to-day activity as a team . . . and get amazing things done, together
Tony Crabbe, business psychologist, author of Busy
In Getting Things Done, David Allen revolutionised individual productivity - and now, he and Edward Lamont show us how to transform teams and organisations. This is a masterful guide for any team striving to navigate the complexities of collaboration in today's fast-paced world
Dorie Clark, bestselling author of The Long Game and executive education faculty, Columbia Business School
Getting Things Done is a superb approach to improving personal productivity and reducing stress, so I was extremely pleased to see that David Allen and Ed Lamont have now adapted the method to declutter teamwork in a clear and forthright way. In a time of ever greater stress and burnout this is a timely and important book
Andrew Reed, CEO, Royal College of Surgeons of England
David Allen and Edward Lamont tap into their vast experience to reveal the core principles that make teams, not just individuals, get things done. They show you how to cut through the noise, align your group's efforts and foster a remarkably high-performing team. With their guidance, you'll transform your team into a focused force, poised to achieve its objectives with less stress and more success
Guy Kawasaki, author of Think Remarkable and chief evangelist of Canva
A roadmap to effective communication, efficient execution and a vital addition for groups of any size in the post-pandemic world
Charles Duhigg, New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Habit and Supercommunicators
If you regularly get things done with others, here's your new productivity bible. In Team, David and Edward masterfully break down how the principles of GTD work for all team settings - whether you have a corporate, sports or family team. At its best, working in a team feels effortless. This book helps get you to this magical place, so you can accomplish more with others while actually enjoying the process
Chris Bailey, international bestselling author of Hyperfocus, The Productivity Project, and How to Calm Your Mind
David and Ed have come up with a nearly perfect application of an old African proverb: 'If you want go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.' TEAM is the perfect recipe for going far. And enjoying the journey
Russell Bishop, DSS, author of From Self-Talk to Soul-Talk
I've spent the past years growing my business from one shop in London to selling in multiple stores around the world. That is only possible by building a great team, and anyone who is part of a team or managing a team must-read this book. End of. If only they taught this stuff at school
Anya Hindmarch, bestselling author of If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair and CEO, Anya Hindmarch
David and Ed have brilliantly nailed what works and what doesn't in the tricky, complicated world of working with others to get the right things done
Chip Conley, Founder of MEA and New York Times bestselling author